We feel very fortunate Professor Dainis and Coach Sarah has opened up DNABJJ in Whitby. I used to drive my boy all the way from Ajax to Mississauga on Sundays just for him to do their Elite Kids class. These extra classes helped my boy who is an active bjj/judo competitor, win several bjj competitions in the USA. We have joined and experienced a few different clubs in and around the Durham Region but felt they lacked qualities for improving and training for higher level competitions. Getting to know Professor Dainis and Coach Sarah since we've met them a few years ago, we definitely knew where we wanted to be. They are both serious top notch instructors (Dainis a Black belt in BJJ/Judo), known killer competitors (locally and internationally); they fully engage in coaching their students at all team competitions (as well as at super fights), educated, very friendly, humble and very respectful toward others and just overall great role models for their students. It took a few years for us, but we finally found what we were looking for. We are so proud of this club and to be part of this family! This is the place to be!
- Alex
I've been very lucky finding a new BJJ family. I've been to a few gyms in th GTA and have always suffered from severe performance anxiety due to being overweight and not as athletic as others which led me to miss classes. DNA BJJ is different. While I still struggle with the anxiety, Dainis is always quick to welcome me and push me gently to succeed at my pace. His teaching technique is also very intuitive and insightful. He will provide slight variations to each move that will work for us bigger lads with short legs and big bellies. The work he does with every age group is astounding. Not only is he a great example, he brings in many positive people to help us better ourselves. Sarah has been a cheerful force of nature and provides a great ying to Dainis' yang. Her dedication to her students and the art are tremendous. I can only hope to learn a tenth of what they know and continue my journey under great martial artists and more importantly, great people.
- Philip
"Truly 5 star plus gym, from the coaching staff and other students. Everyone is there to help you along. I started about 8 months ago and look forward to going every week! I would highly recommend DNA bjj for anyone like me, who has always wanted to try it but kept putting it of for years. Whether it's due to nerves or fear put them at ease this is the place to be!"
​- Terry
Such a great place to train for anyone, white belt to black, young or old. Quality teaching, gym and a fantastic team there. I joined as a Black Belt and can say that you will not find a better place to train in the area than at Team DNA BJJ!
- Cliff
As a family that is at the club 5 times per week, we cannot praise Team DNA BJJ and its Professor, Dainis Nyugen, and coach, Sarah Smith, highly enough. Whether it is a regular class in BJJ or Judo, private tutoring, or preparing for competition, the level of instruction, attention to technique, and individual support each member receives is second to none! Our daughters, who are 5 and 8, love the family environment and personal attention they receive, on and off the mats, and look forward to DNA monthly family outings as an extension of the club's offerings. Having coaches/instructors that continue to train and build their own skills, on and off the world stage, is both inspiring and effective in bringing those skills and experiences back to their students. Look no further than Team DNA to get the most comprehensive instruction in your martial arts journey!!!
Great place with friendly and knowledgeable coaches! All the members treat you like family. I highly recommend this place, both my skill and fitness has greatly improved �
- Kevin
Team DNA BJJ Is full of amazing talented individuals. Dainis Nguyen and Sarah are world class at what they do. The time and attention they give to each individual allows them to grow and progress with each session. It's amazing to see Dainis follow through in his dream off opening up a gym to empower and inspire individuals to step into their greatness. Check out the team DNA family. You won't be dissapointed!
- Angelito
I have to honestly say Team DNA are second to none, when it comes to anything you can possibly look for in a martial art club. These people are very respectful to everyone regardless of backgrounds or age , inviting anyone to have a chance to learn and grow individually at your own given pace, acknowledging everyone's unique self when it comes to developing physically as well as mentally throughout ones journey to greatness :) with a structurally disciplined but extremely friendly environment I must say I'm very pleased to be a part of the Team DNA family, Thank you Dainis and Sarah for making a difference for our kids and adults as well as our community 
- Mike
After searching the Durham Region for a suitable academy for my son, I came across DNA Jiu-Jitsu. After a quick interview with the staff, I saw this was a student first environment and signed my son up for the free one week trial. With internationally competing staff and students, the gym always has someone there to help teach and guide the youngest of students. After watching him grow and gain confidence in just two months, I decided to sign up for classes myself. It is a bit intimidating and difficult for someone who is a bit older to get back into a physically demanding activity, but the team at DNA made this transition easy by allowing me to get into it at my own pace. Not only do the great staff help you, but so do the other students in class, and the great family/team environment helps to get you moving to that next level as well as you wanting to do the same. Since starting, I have lost weight and feel much better and my son has gained both physical and metal confidence. Along with learning jiu-jitsu, there are also the benefits of health and nutritional advice to help you become a better you. Wether training to compete in tournaments or strictly using BJJ to get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle. A big thank you to Professor Dainis, Sarah, Ursula, and Sid for all they do to make this a great place to learn and grow.
We were looking to sign up our 5 year old son in a martial arts class and were referred to DNA BJJ by a good friend. We are happy with the class schedule and with the program itself. Dainis and Sarah are amazing with the kids.
After moving clubs and starting up at DNA, both Dainis, Sarah and the entire team welcomed my siblings and I with open arms. The environment at DNA is both professional and fun for people of all ages with zero yelling and only encouraging words to help us become better people both on and off the mats! The positivity radiated throughout the club is motivational and pushes everyone to try their hardest and work to always improve. Having such talented coaches and teachers with such a vast amount of knowledge to share and the skill to teach has helped immensely in improving our technique and ability to fight. Not only has being here helped us become better competitors, it has also allowed us to experience and become a part of a greater family in our jiujitsu community! Dainis and Sarah are highly experienced in training and competing with numerous amounts of gold medals which is apparent in the skill they show while teaching and guiding us during our classes! Training at DNA is something unlike anything we have ever experienced training anywhere before; it is the most positive, welcoming and fun community which I'm proud and happy to be a part of! I would recommend DNA to anyone of any age wether experienced in Jiujitsu or not! DNA is a home unlike any other! 
Excellent attitude and very supportive. I'm impressed at how every age and skill level is welcome. They don't aggressively push; they encourage. I really enjoy my time on the mats.
- Bob
Team DNA BJJ is great, I have nothing but good things to say about this gym. My Daughter joined and loves it! I decided to join because I was so intrigued watching from the viewing area. When Dainis and Sarah teach the move of the day they make sure it can be seen in various angles and that all students understand. Sarah is great with the kids and makes it a great introduction to the sport if it is something new to you. Dainis is a great professor, very knowledgeable and takes the time to help you understand.
- Jeff
Our two kids have been members since team DNA bjj opened their doors last year. My husband and I have been incredibly happy with the development and improvement in their skills and growth within the short period of time that being a part of the DNA family has provided. Dainis and Sarah are both extremely supportive and professional and what i truly love is that there is no favoritism..they treat every individual equally and help each individual with the same dedication as the next. Amazing!!
- Denisse
The other reviews have hit on all of the reasons my son (and I) have made this our home for BJJ training. The level of technical teaching/skill and supportive atmosphere were the closers for us. Sarah and Dainis have an approach that works very well for our learning style and my sons confidence level; as evidenced by his latest effort in competition. A loss, but a very confident effort with a much larger, older and more advanced competitor. He took the loss in stride and was happy with his performance. Historically, he did not deal with losses in such a positive manner. I believe this change in attitude has a direct positive correlation to the DNA BJJ philosophy. Focused and technical coaching with a clear plan for progressive education along with plenty of training partners and fun but intense rolls (sparring) are all hallmarks of DNA BJJ.  We couldn't be happier with our decision to join DNA BJJ. The growth of the student base over the last few months proves that others clearly agree with this, and the other reviews on this page.
I highly recommend training with Dainis and Sarah as they are very patient, and really know how to break down instructions to help beginners understand the techniques and concepts while still providing high level curriculum to the more advanced students. They give individual attention to each and everyone of their students, which is rare at most BJJ gyms. They take the time to learn our strengths and weaknesses in order to help us improve+refine our skills. Training at Team DNA BJJ is always fun, mentally stimulating and definitely a great place to train for beginners and advanced students. The environment is welcoming, positive and safe. Team DNA BJJ is the best!
- Melissa
My son loves TEAM DNA.. I love the fact that it is a family gym that cares about how your kids do in class and at tournaments... Professor Dainis makes the kids feel welcome and appreciated... Team DNA is definitely a place to bring your kids for a fun but serious atmosphere.. Professor Dainis and Coach Sarah are very experienced in Jiu Jitsu and both still fight to this day.. That's a plus in my book... So if you want your kids to learn from the best in Ontario come to Team DNA you won't regret it!!!
An amazing gym with world stage instructors that are competing against the world's best. A place where there is space for recreational Jujitsu and Judo or Competition level. A gym with Diet and overall health optimization. A gym that is building better humans beings. A male and female Instructor that is still relevant on both the Canadian and World BJJ cuircits. A friendly family environment for you child or yourself, A place my family calls home.
Great family atmosphere. It's a perfect place for a child to be introduced to an art. I love watching my son's confidence grow.

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