Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ) is arguably the most practical and effective martial art with strong roots in grappling. It became popular after Royce Gracie, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, defeated many much larger and stronger opponents in the UFC. He was able to do this by using grappling holds to efficiently and effectively out maneuver his much larger and stronger opponents until he was able to apply a submission hold, forcing them to submit and clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of the martial art.

The benefits of BJJ are far more reaching than being a highly effective form of combat and self-defense. At Team DNA, we believe that through BJJ, you will begin to learn a lot more about yourself as you will be constantly testing your limits and evolving into a better martial artist. The same principles that you will be learning in class can also be applied to your life to help you become a better person. 

You will begin to think more constructively through life's problems and will slowly come to realize that the sky is the limit for whatever goals it is that you wish to accomplish; be it losing weight, increasing self-confidence and dealing with stress in a more proactive way. At Team DNA we are a family that is dedicated to the continual improvement of every one of our members on and off the mats. The more you train, the more knowledge and skills you will have at your disposal to live your life like a black belt.

I am a parent of a child, is BJJ good for my child? 

I am thinking of trying an intro class. What does that mean / What to expect?

For your free introduction to Brazilian jiu jitsu. We ask you contact us by phone, facebook, or email to set up your class. We do the intro classes during our regular class times. We do them Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday's. Please come five minutes early and please bring water and a comfortable shirt that can wicker sweat. 

What to expect during the intro? 
We get you to fill out our waiver. We provide you a uniform for the free week trial. We will sized you up for a gi. We always bow to go onto the mats. We start each class by lining up. From here we do some basic fitness. Jogging, pushups, some jiu jitsu specific movements. We encourage you to go at your own pace. Our number one concern is always safety. So your first day on the mats we go over the safe way to do a number of jiu jitsu movements. We have lots of water breaks and lots of time to ask questions. 

If this sounds like something you would like to try please contact us soon to set up your intro class. 

Where Do I get The Gi?

I signed my kid up for classes where can I get a Gi.? You can get it at DNA BJJ or order it off the website above. You can also try on sizes at DNA BJJ to make sure you get a good fit for your growing child. 
Colours permitted at DNA BJJ WHITE/BLUE/BLACK Only

What Is No Gi?

See you in workout gear! Don't forget your water! See you soon on the mats

What is Judo? 

What is Wrestling?

I do not like working out is Brazilian jiu-jitsu for me?

"Yes" Bjj is unlike any other sport out there. Just try it. We give you a Free week just to see if it is for you! You really have nothing to lose.

I train bjj but I am not enjoying it

This can mean many things. Things you have to keep in mind when you are training bjj. A team is important it can make or break your motivation. Does my team support my goals? Am I having fun? Do I enjoy training with my teammates? Do my teammates support me? Do I have training partners who challenge me? Do my views and my teams add up? Do I have a good coach who's cares about me as a person or are they just looking for a pay check?  These are always things you have to think about. If you are not happy training bjj there is something wrong. I must note this not all gyms are made equally! Which is unfortunate. Like there are many types of food out there this is also true about gyms. Always do your research and find a place you look forward to walking in the doors. Test out a few gyms before you commit to make sure you find one that is a good fit for you and your family. If you don't love it after trying many gyms then keep looking it is an amazing life changing sport.