Coach Ursula 

I have so many good things to say about this remarkable women! She is a mother of two works a full time job. She comes to bjj and always give 1000% She is always positive and full of smile. We are so lucky to have her at DNA BJJ. She been training for 4 years teaching for 2. Always had an deep connection with Martial Arts. Did kung fu until green belt when she was younger. Grew up on Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Van Damme. She was born with Martial arts in her DNA! Ursula's kids are my life. She always strive to teach them to be the best possible versions of themselves. To be good humans. Jiu jitsu is my second love and passion. She believe's in jiu jitsu as a form of Martial art that is organic to human nature. jiu jitsu provides practitioners with everything we look for (subconsciously) : a mental challenge, human physical contact, physical effort and work, a sense of brother and sisterhood, the struggle, the grind. It's all there. Teaching has given me so much!!! Working with little ones and realizing that every kid is amazing and incredible in their own way. It truly is amazing to be given the chance to actually be a part of their lives. Giving yourself an hour every week to make a difference in a positive way with jiu jitsu. It is so incredibly important for every kid to train jiu jitsu. To challenge their minds, to be put in difficult situations so that they learn to manage their minds and how they think. Ursula's goal is to be the best I can be at Jiu jitsu, at teaching and to never quit jiu jitsu. To get my black belt. Jiu jitsu is one of the only things she has made time for and has stuck with. She is a very hardworking carpenter by trade. She has been doing so for 18 years! She was born in Hungary where Judo is very much prevalent. Strives to be her best self and has a aspiration to achieve her black belt in Judo. It is her dream to be able to teach BJJ full time and is working her way there. Dainis asked who we thought would make a good coach for our members and my first choice was Ursula. Trustworthy, kind, honest, treats everyone in her life as she wishes to be treated. I value her teaching style and what she bring to our amazing team!