IBJJF Masters Worlds August 21-24 In Las Vegas Be THERE! 

Euro's January 14-20th 

DNA BJJ Grading December 8 or 9 

Christmas Holiday Hours 

December 10th-30th >>>> There will be time changes during this time. Stay Tuned for more info. 


Date Coming Soon! 

IBJJF Toronto September 22

IBJJF Masters Worlds - Aug 22 

Amir seminar coming soon!

Our first adult grading July 29

We are so happy we have finally grown to where we have enough adults for them to have there very own grading. The kids have been doing it for sometime now and we are thrilled to see our adults keeping up. We look forward to all the colour coming up. We are so proud of our students and all the hard work they do each day. 

Next Gen Toronto 
​July 21, 2018

Family Day ! ​Camping June 8-10

Worlds 2018 May 31-June 3

Grading MAY 6th 

Darson & Eric - Bolo The World Tour

IBJJF Chicago Open ​2018

March Break Camp 2018

Pans 2018 in Long Beach California 

Are you ready? The biggest and best kids tournament for the 2018 season. This was the first year that they hit max capacity! The clock is ticking, just in the final week of prep before we fly out to California. We have twelve athletes "gi-ing" up stepping onto those mats and putting it all on the line. Why? Life is about challenging yourself. About putting yourself out there and about trying your best. That is what we are all on earth to do. To be the best people we can. With hard-work a supportive team and good friends and training partners. All your bjj dreams can come true. Things you have to keep in mind when you are training bjj. Do my teammates support me? This can mean many things. Do they support my goals? Do I have training partners who challenge me? Do I have a good coach who's cares about me as a person? These are always things you have to think about. If you are not happy training bjj there is something wrong. I must note this not all gyms are made equally! Like there are many types of food out there this is also true about gyms. Do your research and find a place you look forward to walking in the doors. If you don't love it after trying many gyms there is a sport out there for you. Try new things until you find your passion. 

Adult PANS


Kid's Winter Grading 

December 10th 2017 was a huge success! - We had our second annual winter grading. It was such a positive day thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support! DNA BJJ would not be the amazing place it is without each one of you. 

Coach Sarah Got Her Brown Belt

Another amazing time at the Toronto BJJ Annual. We are so happy for all those who reached a promotion. I could not have got to where I am today without all those who believed in me and helped me along. Without amazing training partners it would not be possible. Osss 

IBJJF KIDS PANS - Confirmed for  Feb 18Pan Kids IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship Long BeachThe Walter Pyramid

Let's get an even bigger team this year! 

Santa Claus Parade

Saturday, December 2, 2017
Thank you to everyone who showed up! We had about sixty people join us for our second annual Christmas Parade. It was lovely weather there was nothing but smiles all around. We all look forward to next year! Big thank you to One Call for making this day possible! 

Toronto BJJ Annual 2017 

Judo Grading 2017

Congratulations To All! You have been showing so much improvement. We are so happy to have each of you at DNA BJJ! Keep training hard and doing your best! Ossss 



Buffalo OPEN 2017

Today we worked on countering the guard pass with the inverted triangle along with a sweep to Kimura finish with the triangle.

NEXT GEN 2017 

Congratulations to DNA BJJ members that competed at the NextGen competition this past weekend. . All of our competitors showed great sportsmanship and gave it their all which is all we could ask of you. We are proud of each one of you for mustering up the courage to get out there and compete! Please send us any photos of the kids and adults competing and their podium pictures, we will add them here. More importantly, this tournament set a huge precedent for future Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions in Ontario and the event raised a huge quantity of donations for the daily bread food bank to help those in need! Last year the competition raised 879 lbs of food for the daily bread food bank!
More pictures to come..
Kids Results: Isabella - Silver / Kennedy - Gold / Jemekai - Silver / Tyler - Bronze / Kaelan - Double Gold(fought in 2 divisions) / Julius - Gold / Alexandra - Gold / Milio - Silver / Cleea - Gold / Siana - Silver / Sahara - Silver / Paige - Silver / Tayvon - Gold / Emily - Gold / Paulina - Gold / Carter - Silver / Jackson - Silver / Ashley - Gold / Makitha - Gold / Adult Results / Chris - Gold / Sid - Did not place
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A few fun shots from the Professor Jorge Britto seminar this past weekend. As you can tell, it was lots of fun! Great moments captured by the talented Joey Simoes!
#shotbyjoey #torontobjj #dnabjj #jiujitsuforlifeteam #whitby #judo #bjj#durhamregion #antibullying #martialarts
Professor Dainis and Coach Yacinta at Yacinta's mini seminar at Submission Arts Academy in Barrie!
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A few of the DNA kids with Professor Dainis at the kids festival!
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 — at Team DNA BJJ.
Congratulations to Julius and Cleea on their silver medals at the IBJJF British Nationals this past weekend! Keep up the great work guys!
#dnabjj #jiujitsuforlifeteam #whitby #bjj #judo#durhamregion #martialarts #antibullying
 — at Team DNA BJJ.
Congratulations to all Team DNA BJJ members that competed today. You all showed lots of heart and gave a great effort and we are proud of you guys regardless of the result! In total we had 18 competitors and finished with 8 Golds, 5 Silvers and 2 Bronze medals!
DNA BJJ members results:
5-6 year olds
Kaelan - Gold, Went 2-0, 0 points scored against.
Kennedy -Got moved up an age division and super well.
Isabella - Gold, fought very well.
Tyler - Fought super well in his first ever competition.
7-8 year olds
Paige - Bronze, got moved up against the boys went 2-2!
Judo Jyn - Gold, 5-0, 0 points scored against.
Julius - Gold, 4-0, had a great showing.
Ava - Silver, so close to winning Gold!
9-10 year olds
Alexandra - Bronze, went 4-1 and did awesome.
Nolan - Gold, 0 points scored against, put on a clinic.
Sahara - Silver, did amazing in a very tough division!
11-12 year olds
Tayvon - Had a stacked division, hit a great Harai-Goshi.
Cleea - Silver, went 1-2 against a tough opponent, only losing by advantages.
Matthew - Gold, Fought very smart matches.
Amari - Silver, had a good showing.
Cody - Silver, went 3-1 and did so well for a new student against experienced competitors. 
13-15 year olds
Emily - Gold, dominated in all of her matches.
Makitha - Gold, submitted all of her opponents!
#dnabjj #jiujitsuforlifeteam #whitby #durhamregion #bjj #judo#martialarts #antibullying #shotbyjoey
today! We must be doing something right!
Congrats to everyone who competed and helped us win this title, DNA BJJ is proud to be a part of this awesome team!
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Family DAYS 

Another fun family day in the books at Leisure Lanes Bowling today! Thanks to everyone who came out, we are missing Adamm and Lesley in the picture.
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 — at Team DNA BJJ.


Coach Yacinta Nguyen won another gold medal at the IBJJF World Championships in California last weekend and she didn't have any points scored against her! We are so lucky to have her on our coaching staff here at DNA BJJ! :)
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 — at Team DNA BJJ.
Bronze for Coach Sarah at the biggest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition in the world - the IBJJF World Championships. It's not the result that we were looking for, but like we teach our students, we can't always win but we can always learn from our loses and improve. She is fighting in the absolute in about an hour, we will keep everyone posted!
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 — at Team DNA BJJ.


Our instructors are always striving to become better our students. Professor Dainis and Coach Sarah completed the Jiu-Jitsu For Life Instructor certification course last weekend!

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#dnabjj #jiujitsuforlifeteam #whitby #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #judo #durhamregion #martialarts #antibullying

 Buffalo CLASSIC

For the second year in a row, we(Jiu-Jitsu For Life Team) won the overall kids team title at the Buffalo BJJ Classic! I'm really proud of this result because we had a small team there and we had a few people competing for the first time. Michael Katilus and Joshua Ross Ketry are doing a great job growing the BJJ scene in Buffal. The tournament ran smoothly and on time and the numbers keep increasing every year. In total DNA BJJ had 15 competitors and we finished with 10 Golds, 2 Silvers, and 3 Bronze. Keep up the amazing work guys, we proud of you all for the effort you guys put in everyday regardless of the result! The Jiu-Jitsu For Life Team is taking over.
DNA BJJ competitor results:
5-6 year olds> Isabella - Gold / Kennedy - Silver / Kaelan - Gold
9-10 year olds> Nolan - Gold / Alexandra - Gold / Matthew - Gold / Diego - Gold / Sahara - Bronze
11-12 year olds> Tayvon - Silver / Liliana - Gold / Cody - Gold / Siana - Lost for super fight 2-0 against a reall tough girl, she fought super well!
13-15 year olds> Emily Simoes - Gold
Adults> Nuno Phil Ribeiro - Gold / Ahmed - Bronze / Philip Alcaide - Bronze / Congratulations to our Jiu-Jitsu For Life teammates who competed as well, let me know if I missed anyone:
Submission Arts Academy 
Ivan - Gold / King Kong BJJ / Roop Sandhur - Gold / Jake Smith - Silver / Noah - Silver / Ethan Sebastian Morgan - Gold / Dimitry - Gold 
Toronto BJJ > Andrew McColl - Gold
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Jiu-Jitsu For Life Team was the overall team champions at Canada's biggest competition, the Ontario Open a two weekends ago. The DNA BJJ kids contributed 11 golds, 7 silver and 4 bronze to the effort. Here is a shot of most of the DNA BJJ kids that competed there plus Rayne from Submission Arts Academy, we are proud to be a part of this amazing group! Next week we are looking to win the kids Team title and the overall Team title at the Bufallo Open!
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 — at Team DNA BJJ.


Our first 2 kids gradings! Our kids program has more than doubled in size in only 6 months and there's 10 kids missing in the latter photo. We had 2 special guests at our grading yesterday amongst the DNA BJJ Coaching staff and students - Professor Spencer Lalonde(the head instructor of Submission Arts Academy in Barrie) and Rayne Lalonde. Thanks to all who came out to support our kids competition team and joined us for our 1 year anniversary party! We raised $1000 for our kids competition team. Thanks to everyone who helped out today, and to all those that have supported us through tough times, we will never forget. We have accomplished so much this year from winning the most gold medals out of any Canadian team at the prestigious Kids Pans this year to winning the kids team title at the Buffalo BJJ Open to being a big part of the Jiu-Jitsu For Life Team winning the kids team title at the Ontario Open this year. We have met so many amazing people that have walked through our doors and each one of them has accomplished so much and we are so proud of everyone. This is only the beginning, these students are only scratching the surface of their potential. I'm looking forward to another fun and successful year with each one of you! 
On June 14th will be the first day of our new Wednesday evening classes, 6:30-7:30pm (Kids ages 7-12) and 7:30-9pm (Teens/Adults BJJ).
PS. Thanks Joey for the amazing photos!
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Family DAY - Help Your Community 

DNA BJJ family day for a great cause. Today we ran for BIDII Children's Charity - Run For Africa to raise money for schools for kids there!
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What an awesome weekend, we are so proud of all Team DNA BJJ members and our Jiu-Jitsu For Life friends that competed this weekend, we all had a great showing and even won the overall team trophy for the kids and adults! I was super excited to recieve the overall kids team title with my brother Spencer Lalonde on behalf of the Jiu-Jitsu For Life Team yesterday. We had a few kids competing for the first time, and win or lose we are proud of you guys for putting it on the line! I'm really happy that everyone came out to support their teammates. Big shout out to Coach Sarah Caroline Smith, Coach Ursula Nyul and Baptice Fullerton for making sure all of the kids had a coach for their matches, I couldn't do it without you guys. All of the divisions were pretty stacked and in total for the kids, we got 11 golds, 7 silver(many that were inches from being golds) and 4 bronze. We are only going upwards from here. We have another big day ahead of us this Sunday is our kids/teens grading and 1 year grand opening party. Professor Spencer Lalonde and Coach Yacinta Nguyen will be there also! Link to that event:
DNA BJJ results(from youngest to oldest):
5-6 year olds > Isabella - Bronze / Kennedy - Silver / Kaelan - Gold / Freedom(we bumped him up to grey division) - Gold
7-8 year olds / Judo Jyn(we bumped him up to grey division) - Gold / Julius - Gold / Journee - Silver / Milio - Silver
9-10 year olds > Alexandra - Gold / Cleea - Gold / Sahara - Bronze
11-12 year olds > Hunter - Silver / Siana - Gold / Tayvon - Silver / Nolan - Gold / Jena - Bronze / Liliana - Gold / Matthew - Silver(he got bumped up to 11-12)
13-15 year olds> Makitha - Gold / Speedy - Gold / Marya - Bronze / Emily - Silver / Diego, Justus, and Max fought so well and came so close to getting on the podium!
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Family fun today at DNA BJJ, we played dodgeball and games everyone had a great time and got lots of exercise!
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